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Tomcars and Sand Surfing

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Anyone looking for a really fun and adventurous, corona friendly style activity for all ages? Tomcars and Sand Surfing is your answer!

We spent a wonderful day with our guide driving through the desert in tomcars to a secluded spot perfect for sand surfing. This activity is about 2.5 hours in length and a great way to spend an afternoon. Those who want to drive the Tomcars have to have a licence and be of legal age. Each car can fit 4 people. The drive is fast and fun but not dangerous. The sandboarding part of the day takes about an hour and is really exhilirating. This activity takes place in the desert in an area called Ashalim.

All equipment and some light snacks are provided by the guide.

For more details about Tomcars and Sand Surfing, send us an email at [email protected] and we will put you in touch with the right person! (Prices are competitive and cheaper than the other places we looked into ).

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