Opening Hours

Only on a Saturday until 15.00

Udim Vegetable Garden

Udim Vegetable Garden, known in hebrew as ירקות מאודים is a place that not many people know about. Set in a rustic garden, this unique outdoor eatery is a wonderful place, especially for those who love healthy nutritious food. The menu is solely vegetarian and often consists of what is in season. Many of the vegetables grown in the garden are used in the dishes served. Examples of food offered include zuchinni salad, vegetarian “meatballs”, cheese borekas and jachnun (made the healthy way).There is a variety of seating options, from wooden tables underneath hanging vines, to cushions and tables on the floor. An added bonus if coming with children is the a goat pen housing 4-5 small goats at the entrance to the garden.

Note: Udim Vegetable Garden cannot be reserved in advance. They work on a first come first serve basis. In addition they are only open on a Saturday from morning until 14.00/15.00. Best to call before arriving

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