80nis for outsiders. 40nis for Modiin residents

Opening Hours

Varies (check website)

Water Park Modiin

Water Park Modiin is one of the less known water parks in Israel. It is a relatively small park but has amazing attractions for kids. There are 4 water slides in this park. One is a small side for toddlers. The others are bigger slides suitable for kids aged 4 to 12. The slides are surrounded by a splash park. If you like to get wet, this is the place for you!

Two other special attractions in Water Park Modiin are the whirlpool and the sufing pool. The whirlpool was a highlight for my kids. The surfing pool is at an extra cost of 45nis for an hour. Only kids of 130meters and up are allowed to enter the surfing pool. The park has alot of shade, a small kiosk with pizza and icecreams and a small toddler section.

If you want to have a look at Modiin Water Park in all its glory, take a look at our video here

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