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All year

Ein Alroie

The Alroie spring, found below the Tivon Mountains, is a beautiful clean freshwater spring. The spring flows in all seasons. Even in summer one can come for a cool refreshing dip. The spring is surrounded by trees and has many shaded areas for a picnic. The spring is not huge and a bit more than a meter deep. Sometimes there is a coffee cart next to the spring, selling hot drinks.

Near the spring you will find the Emek Train Station. Here you will meet restored colorful trains that your kids can climb onto and jump off. This used to be one of the original train stations that the Old Valley Train used to run through. It is now an attraction for young and old

The start of the train station is about a 10-15min walk from the spring. To get to the train station follow the waze link and walk along the path to get to Alroie spring.

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