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Ein Izra’el

Ein Izra’el or (עין יזרעאל in Hebrew) is an ancient spring and aqueduct found in the Gilboa region. Fascinatingly, this location is even mentioned in the Tanach as the place where Israel gathered before the war with the Philistines.

This natural water spring is the perfect place for a picnic stop, or to take beautiful photos. It is popular for camping in the summer as it is very shaded. It also has water which is perfect for a cool dip. There are not many facilities in Ein Izra’el (no toilets, electricity) but if you like camping in the “wild” this could be a good place for you. The water itself is very shallow, making it a perfect splashing pool for kids.

Parking can be found right next to the spring. Remember to take garbage bags if you are camping and keep the place clean.

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