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Ein Moda

Ein Moda is a large pool located in Park Hamaayanot. The pool has concrete edges and a stone floor and is 1.5meters deep. The pool is full of water all year round, and the water is clean and cool. In addition to the pool there are tables and picnic benches, and lots of shady spots. There is also running water and trash cans. Ein Moda is also a popular location for setting up a tent and camping the night

Further Instructions: Ein Moda can be reached 2 ways. The first way is through the gates of Park Hamaayanot. Cars are not allowed to enter these gates, so an electric golf cart can be hired for a few hours and one can visit this site and all the other pools in the park. Alternatively follow the Waze location to the parking lot of Ein Moda. The camping site and swimming pool are about a 7min walk from the parking lot (some of it is shaded)

Photo Credit: Rita Israeli

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