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Ein Rechania

Ein Rechania (עין ריחניה) is a beautiful hidden spring which is off the beaten track. It consists of 2 small pools and 2 small waterfalls. The spring is hidden inside some dense bamboo vegetation. Ein Rechania is a small spring and popular with cyclists wanting a break from riding. There is not much shade or place to sit, but if you go during the week, you may have this spring all to yourself!

It is not easy to get to Ein Rechania if you dont have a 4×4 offroad vechile. One would need to walk 25-30min from the Waze location in a path exposed to the sun. If you have a 4×4 you can take a short 10min drive in rocky terrain to the spring. Either way, once you have put Ein Rechania into Waze you will see a pool with dense vegetation around it close to the Waze location. This first pool is NOT FOR SWIMMING and has a sign that says “Do not Enter”. To get to the spring shown in our pictures, take the right fork in the road and continue until you hear the sound of flowing water. Enter through a natural path made by the bamboo into this beautful spring.

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