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Ein Shoko

Ein Shoko is thought to be one of the prettiest springs in the area of Ramat Hagolan. The view of the Kinneret from this Spring is simply breathtaking. The spring itself is shallow and has fish swimming in it, so you may choose not to enter it. There is a picnic table next to the spring, but very little shade. The best time to visit this spring is on a cool day or around sunset on a warm day. The walk down to the spring is about 1.5km long and completely unshaded. There is a small descent and then an ascent on return.

Further Instructions: To get to Ein Shoko, put into Waze קפה חמה מבוא חמה. From here you will see a gate and a sign to Ein Shoko. Follow the path down the hill for about 20-25 minutes.

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