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Hula Valley Nature Reserve

The Hula Valley Nature Reserve (not to be confused with Agmon Hahula) was the first nature reserve in Israel and is a huge migration centre for various species of birds. Birds from Europe migrate to Africa in the Spring and Autumn months and stop at this nature reserve for a rest along the way

At the entrance to the reserve is the visitors centre where you can enjoy a short film explaining the history of the area and the reserve. Once you have finished the film you can start a wonderful tour of the area. Along the way you will meet different animals including icluding Pelicans, Wild Boars and River Mice to mention a few.

A big attraction in this park is a 600m floating bridge, a perfect place to come with binoculars for bird spotting. The bridge is build over the lake, making bird spotting easy. At the end of the bridge is a great observation tower with gorgeous views of the whole reserve. This reserve needs advanced booking which can be done here

Photo Credit : Scott Peter

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