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Hula Lake (Agmon Hahula)

Due to its geographical position, Israel is one of the best locations to see the bird migration that takes place from Europe to Africa. In the Autumn and Spring, half a million birds migrate, and many stop off to rest, in Israel at the Hula Lake. The Hula Lake, known in Hebrew as Agmon Hahula, is a lake that was developed and is managed by the JNF. It is the most popular destination in Israel for bird spotting.

Around the lake, there is an 8.5 kilometer paved path, which can be accessed after entering the site. To get around the lake one can either walk, hire a bike or rent an electric club car. One can also join a guided narrated tour, which takes place in a large green tractor that drives around the park. During this tour, one can hear about all the different birds that come to frequent the lake. The best time as day to see birds is either at sunrise or sunset. Please note that Agmon Hahula is not the same place as Hula Nature Reserve

Further Instruction.: To enter Agmon Hahula you need to reserve a ticket here. Once you are there, you can hire a bike or a golf cart (see website for details and pricing).

Photo Credit: Tabitha de Boks

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