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Tubing in the Banias

The Banias (also known as Nahal Hermon) is most famous for its Waterfall which is found in a beautiful National Park at its upper end. From here a (very) cold river flows for many kilometers and one can enter the river at several points. One of these points is in the kibbutz of Sde Nechamia. You can enter the river from an electric gate which is sometimes open and sometimes locked. If it is locked you need to wait for someone to open it, but this happens quite often especially on the weekend as people are coming and going. Once you have entered the gate, you can walk up the river on a dry path and find many entry points where you can tube down. And repeat and repeat and repeat !

We started with about 100m tubing and then ventured up a bit more and did 150m which was perfect for us. The adults sat on the tubes with the kids in our laps (they had their own tubes on them for safety). It wasn’t very fast but it was thrilling enough for a 5 and 7 yr old. I wouldn’t do this with younger kids . This part of the river is shallow enough to stand and get out at any point. Higher up there are some deeper parts where one would need to swim.

I wouldn’t call this activity dangerous and adults can be more adventurous with it, but for kids it did feel a little risky, so keep that in mind and make sure all kids have some sort of float around them.

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