All year (best in autumn)

Agmon Heffer

Agmon Heffer is one of the most popular places in the country to see the bird migration. Unlike Agmon Hahula and Hula Valley Nature Reserve, Agmon Heffer is found close to the centre of the country. And its free! Walking paths, bridges and a variety of sheds have all been build around this lake to allow the public easy bird viewing. Some of the birds which frequent Agmon Hefer are the Common Falcon, Magellan, Spotted Butterfly and White-Breasted Kingfisher to mention a few.

It is always lovely to visit Agmon Heffer, but the best time of year to see birds is during the bird migration which takes place in October and November. First thing in the morning and around sunset, you are bound to see the most amount of birds.

Further Instructions: In order to get to the lake, you will need to travel about 3 kilometers along a dirt road. This road is suitable for all vechiles, but may be difficult for private vechiles after rainy weather.

Photo Credit: Tania Shalom Michaelian

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